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Joan Gamell, Web Engineer

Computer engineer fascinated by the web, specially by the front-end development. Has a deep knowledge of the several web layers and the interaction between all of them. Capable of shipping creative and optimal solutions according to the requirements. Firm believer in Clean Code and Agile methodologies.

Front-end Engineer at Expedia in Singapore, October 2012 - today

Currently working on the AirAsiaGo e-commerce website as the main Front-end web developer. My biggest achievements on this role have been:

  • Main fron-end developer of a fully-responsive, high-traffic, highly-available eCommerce website.
  • Develop, test and ship cross-browser, responsive, retina-ready features and modules built with HTML5, JavaScript - jQuery, Backbone, AngularJS etc - CSS3 (LESS), SVG, sprites, Jasmine, etc. on top of a Spring (Java) back-end.
  • Lead the team's UI deciscions: Decide which frameworks/libraries to use, define the front-end architecture and implement it.
  • Implement font-end best practices by documenting them and mentoring my colleagues through them.
  • Interact with UX designers and business stakeholders, proactively providing feedback on the difficulty/feasibility of the planned features.
  • Optimization of page load-time through minification, selective loading, changes in front-end architecture, usage of subdomain-per-asset CDNs, sprite and image compression, etc.
  • Improve the project’s front-end maintainability and productivity by introducing LESS and AngularJS amongst others.
  • Improve SEO of the website by using meta tags, canonical URLs, robots.txt, redirections, multiple locale management, sitemap.xml, monitor the site on Google Webmasters Tools & Analytics
  • Interact with partners and third parties to design, implement and debug interactions between our systems and the third parties'.
  • Help implement the attribution scheme for our affiliates (front-end and back-end logic).
  • Identify, debug and fix live-site issues (Splunk, Nagios, AWS monitoring, Google Analytics, etc.)

All the above while embracing Agile development methodology, continuous deployments (Dev-Ops) and following the Clean Code ethos to improve code structure and architecture to make it more modular, scalable and maintainable.

Tech Lead at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, June 2012 - October 2012

Lead a team of 5 developers working on the front-end interface of RMWB (Relation Manager WorkBench) project for Standard Chartered Bank.

My team responsibility was to design and develop anything related to the user interaction (UX), design and front-end programming of the web application. My main responsibilities were:

  • Hands-on technical design of new features given the business requirements.
  • Supervise implementation and Quality Control.
  • Feature planning and Bug tracking (JIRA).
  • Be the point of contact between the Business and my team.

Sr. Web Developer at Optimum Solutions in Singapore, January 2012 - June 2012

Worked on the RMWB (Relation Manager WorkBench) project for Standard Chartered Bank. My main contributions in this role where:

  • Integration of an already existing web-application from a third-party vendor (Tibbr, social media web-app from Tibco) following given designs and using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSPs into the RMWB portal which also grouped information from CreditMate and MicroStrategy Systems in a web-based interface. I also coded web services to expose data from the backend (Java, Spring).
  • Conduct technical interviews for Web Developer / Web Designers roles.

Analyst at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria in Madrid, September 2010 - December 2011

Worked on the Mentor project at Wholesale Banking & Asset Management, Global Risk Unit. Mentor was a web-based project to integrate, unify, organize and report all the unit’s risk data from diverse systems with very divergent data outputs.

My main achievements in this role were:

  • Help design and code the system’s foundations and initial setup from scratch (Maven config files, project file structure, initial setup).
  • Coding of a complex parser for a legacy system output (Algorithmics) making exhaustive use of Regular Expressions to translate the output to comprehensive, coherent JPA models.
  • Architecture, Design and implementation of the application’s web-based user-facing interface with JSP, HTML and JavaScript (jQuery, Ajax, async plugin loading).
  • Lead and oversee the front-end development and ensure best practices were followed.
  • Interact with business stakeholders while gathering requirements, designing new features and reporting the status of the project.

Developer at Safelayer Secure Communications in Barcelona, February 2009 - September 2010

Invented, designed and implemented gOTP, a novel two-factor authentication system which combined the robustness of One Time Passwords and the easily-remembered Graphical Passwords. The project was initially developed as a joint R&D Final degree project at UPC (see below) and Safelayer company, to become a product of the latter.

The implementation had two parts:

  • iPhone Application as the client. Developed with Objective-C, Cocoa Touch Framework, Xcode.
  • Grails (Groovy on Rails) application as the server. I used Groovy, Java, ant, Maven, SVN, MySQL, ExtJS (Sencha), Web Services.

Computer Engineering, 2004-2009 at Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona (Spain)

Degree + MSC. Graduated with Honors in the final Degree project "A Secure Authentication System via OTP and Graphical Password"

Other Courses

  • Developing iOS 7 Apps, 2013-2014 at iTunesU (Stanford University)
  • Startup Engineering, 2013 at Coursera (Stanford University)
  • Spring Training, 2011 at SpringSource University
  • iPhone Application Programming, 2009 at iTunesU (Stanford University)
  • Introduction to Python, 2007 at Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)

You can see my recommendations on my Linkedin Profile (more available upon request).

I adore photography and travelling.

  • Email: gamell [at] gamell [dot] io
  • Phone: +65 9788 7034
  • Currently residing in Singapore
  • My interactive resume and portfolio online at:
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Some of my latest public projects.

  • My current project inside Expedia Inc. I worked on most of the front-end and part of the back-end as I detail in my resume.

  • Old photoblog where I posted my pictures (now I use 500px). I designed and implemented the whole front-side running on a PHP CMS called PixelPost.

  • The website you are reading. The project is Open Source (MIT License) so you can see the code, fork the project or get any inspiration in the github repository.

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